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Product code : QQ038890

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With the X-202BT, XZENT now has a very high-quality 2-DIN multimedia system with an immense range of functions. Smart looks, and excellent hardware components, paired with modern entertainment features – XZENT's all-round system makes sure that multimedia in your car will be an inspiring experience.
Beside listening to the radio, you can play videos and songs from CD, DVD, SD card, USB device or mobile phone – with the X-202BT all the common A/V formats can be played and conveniently controlled from the high resolution touch screen display.
The many Bluetooth features, audio streaming from mobile phones and an outstanding speech quality for all your calls also make the X-202BT a top quality telephone exchange.
An FM RDS tuner with DSP ensures crystal-clear radio reception at all times thanks to selective noise masking of weak FM station broadcast signals.

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