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Product code : QQ007361A

Unit of sale : 1

The coupling establishes the connection between the towing vehicle and the trailer. Logically, it must be safe to do so. You can rely on the quality and safety of AL-KO.
Prevention of sham locking
Only when the towing ball coupling of the trailer rests correctly on the towing hitch of the car is the internal green safety lever actuated so that the coupling can be safely locked.
Improvement of ergonomics
The handle consists of a solid metal core with an ergonomically shaped 2K plastic cover (soft touch). During operation, the hand is firmly attached to the handle, the shaped end of the handle serves as a slip guard.
Wear reduction
Provides information on the condition of the coupling of your trailer and the towing hitch of your car.
Soft dock as standard
Provides protection against scratching and shin protection.
Optional accessories Pressure lock
Effective protection against quick access when coupled and uncoupled.

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